Stonington Township Library

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Library Policies

The following policies govern how we use our library.
  • Stonington Township library policies
  •  Fines will be levied at the rate of 15 cents per item per day, excluding days when the library is closed, on overdue materials.  No fines are levied to teachers for school materials.
  • Fines collected for township materials are placed in the general fund for the township.

No fees are charged to the teaching staff for school supplies for the classrooms.  Public patrons and school children requesting supplies will reimburse the library for the original cost of supplies.

Borrowing privileges are eligible for  township residents, students. faculty and staff, and nonresident cardholders.

The library will not loan or borrow cd's, dvd's, or videos from out of state.

Fees for nonresidents are $50.00 for use in any library in the Illinois Heartland Library System.

Patrons must register as a patron by coming into the library and filling out a registration card.

Records will be updated as needed.

Borrowers must adhere to library policies with regards to charging and returning books and paying fines, fees, and charges for lost or damaged materials.

Reference materials may not be circulated.

Confidentiality of records will be maintained to other than board, school personnel, and staff. 

Encyclopedias may be checked out overnight only.

Meeting the reference needs of the Stonington Township Library patrons is our primary responsibility.  Reference service to visitors will be provided as time permits.

                Stonington Township Public Library

              Technology Plan 7/1/2010 - 6/30/2012

Table of Contents:

  A. Mission Statement

  B. Vision Statement

  C. Technology Inventory - Current and projected

  D. Goals and Objectives

  E. Professional Development Strategy

  F. Budget

  G. Evaluation Process


 The library mission is to provide an organized collection of books and other materials and give guidance in their use to help the residents of Stonington Township satisfy their need for information, spiritual development, and individual enjoyment.  The library will strive to meet the needs of our patrons using technology available to us through our partnership with  the Taylorville Commnity Unit School Distirct #3 and our own resources.


 Our vision is to provide for our patrons a popular materials library, a preschooler's door to learning, a formal education support center, and an independent learning center.  Technology will help us implement these roles we designate as our purpose.


Inventory Category       Current Count       Projected - 2010

Networks                             1                           1


 no type specified                  4                           4

 Workstation                        2                            2


Internet Connections

                 DSL                    3                           3


Software Subscriptions          0                            0


  Goal:  We will continue to review our goals and objectives on an annual basis and revise if necessary.

 Goal:  The Stonington Township Public Library plans to continue the contract and cooperative relationship with the Taylorville Community Unit School District #3.

 Goal:  We plan to increase the community's awareness of library services by continued advertisements and notices in the American Legion's community newsletter.

 Goal:  We plan to maintain our libray's website to inform the public of programs, acquisitions, and online resources.

 Goal:  We plan to continue an outreach to preschoolers and their parents with programs and materials.

 Goal:  We plan to reach a larger percentage of our senior citizen population through special programs and services.


 The Stonington Township Library will strive to take advantage of continuing in-service training and education provided by the Rolling Prairie Library System.

F. BUDGET 2010

Budget Categories

Unassigned                   $300

Computer expenses       $500

Telephone and fax        $1500

Website                        $250

Funding Sources 2010

Unassigned                     $95

E-rate grant     anticipated

Fundraisers                   $500

Gifts                             $100

Per Capita Grant           $1400

Tax revenue               $28700


  Each department offering technology-based services will be responsible for developing qualitative and quantitative evaluations of the services used by public and/or staff.

 The library staff will monitor computer and other equipment usage, through scheduling records and observations.

 The library will continue monitoring its monthly, daily and hourly web page usage statistics as made available by the service provider.